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We specialize in Tampa t shirt printing services .We are market leaders in direct to garment and screen printing custom t-shirts online. If you don’t have your design art, no worries… we have a full art team on stand by waiting on your order design specifications.

Screen Printing & Direct To Garment Printing on Custom T-Shirts in Tampa​

The Best Custom TShirt Printing in Tampa FL

Welcome To MyTShirtKings: We are the leaders in cutting edge direct to garment and screen printing custom t shirts in Tampa FL.
Direct To Garment & Screen Printing In Tampa Bay FL?
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Design Yourself

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Free Custom T-Shirt Mock Up

For a limited time, we are offering free artwork design on order of 20+ custom t-shirts. This is a great offer as My T-Shirt Kings graphic design services typically start at $50 or more! If you place your order online these fee’s will be waived and you will be able to take advantage of our excellent design services for free. 

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

DTG is one of the most popular digital printing methods used for creating custom t-shirts and at T-Shirt Kings we pride ourselves on providing top of the line DTG printing services that provides vibrant / full color digital prints without lapse in detail.


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More Colors Increase the Price

If your design has more than 6+ colors or more, the price increases based around each color addition in your design.

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Highly Rigorous Post Production

The process of screen printing requires a highly rigorous post production process before shirts are even created.

Rush Orders?

Due to the time needed to produce quality screen-printed garments all rush-order requests must be placed by noon EST Monday -Sunday. If you order is placed after this time then please give us a call to see if we can accommodate you. If we have been booked for another request, we will not be able to fulfil your order in time. 


Please allow 24 hours for our custom service dept to contact you regarding the specifications of your order. Remember that if your order is relatively small then DGT printing may be a more time and cost-effective option. However, depending on the size of your order (and the number of colors you wish to include), screen printing may prove more cost-effective. 


If you are not sure which technique would work best for you, please get in touch!

World Class Tampa T Shirt Printing Services

DTG is quite different from traditional screen-printing, as the ink if put directly onto the fabric (hence the name ‘direct to garment’). There are a few stages to the process but it typically takes no longer than a day to produce a design from start to finish. 


We are a little different than your standard service offering custom shirts. MyTShirtKings systems are entirely custom built. You can order online and get delivery to your doorstep by special request, not to mention cool text alerts once your package is delivered.

The Best Tampa T Shirt Printing Services & Free DELIVERY

DGT is one of the newest, cutting edge and effective ways of printing and could prove to be the preferred option for your T-Shirts. Here’s why;


One of the great advantages of DTG printing services is the sheer volume of designs that the printer can produce. Like a home printer they are not limited by color count and so can produce vivid designs full of color. 

Screen printers tend to be set up to print one design and so are best suited to larger runs. This is fine if you want to order in bulk but if you want a small number of designs (for samples or promotional events for example) then DTG printing is a much more suitable and cost-effective solution. 

If you do need a large quantity of t-shirts, T-Shirts Kings are at your service. We offer screen-printing in Tampa at competitive rates.


Despite involving different stages in the process, DTG printing is an efficient form of printing. This is mainly due to the fact that each stage takes a relatively short period of time. Dependent on the design, the colors used and the different techniques that need to be adopted some of the stages take a matter of minutes. This means that it is possible to produce hundreds of t-shirts a day. 


So, if you are looking for a company to produce some custom t-shirts in Tampa, Florida then My T-Shirt Kings are the people you are looking for!

If you require bulk orders of particular designs then our screen-printing services will be the preferred option. 

There are some things to be mindful of when calculating the cost of tampa t shirt printing services.

If the design that you wish to be screen-printed includes 6 or more colors then you can expect a price increase based on each additional color that is going to be used in the design. Each color requires a separate screen so if more colors are needed, more screens are also required. This is why our prices are based on the amount of colors that are needed. 




The process of screen printing requires highly rigorous post-production methods and an experience team to manage the equipment. 

MTK is highly driven to offer quality and creative design for al of our Tampa t shirt printing services. Please keep in mind that we charge an art fee to make a design mock-up.

My T-Shirt Kings are a start-up and we are entirely custom built. We offer online ordering, delivery right to your door (by request) and cool text alerts once your order has been delivered. 

At MyTShirtkings =we know that the garments that you use for your business are often the first thing that your clients will see, so you need to make a good impression! That’s why we focus on providing the custom t shirts tampa loves.

We also know that cutting edge technology is the best way to produce the custom-made designs that our customers will love. We can fulfil complex order requests for both screen printing and DTG printing. 

As a small business ourselves we know how valuable it is to have the support of other local businesses. It is therefore our mission to support other local businesses and organisations and as a result hopefully see our brand thrive. We can provide custom t-shirts for sports teams, youth organizations, colleges, churches, schools and day care providers. 

Screen Printing & Direct To Garment Printing on Custom T-Shirts NO MINIMUM

Contact us today to discuss you custom t-shirt needs and we can guarantee that we can provide you with the hottest custom designs around that will get people’s heads turning.