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Our minimum is 10 or more tee’s per order.  All of our orders will include delivery upon completion. We have teamed up with the good folks at Uber to have your orders delivered right to your doorstep, depending on your location and order complexity. Our goal from day one has been to provide our customers with affordable services that won’t break the bank. No matter if your order 10 to 15,000 shirts we are able to process and complete your order.

If you are located In Tampa FL, Brandon FL, Lutz FL, River view, Wesley Chapel FL, New Port Richey FL , Clear Water FL & ST. Peters burg residents should call for more information. We now offer discounts to college organizations such HCC & USF: Be sure to submit a quote here

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For a limited time when your purchase 50 or more we are offering our amazing Florida clients free graphic design services for your shirt. It’s important to understand that this deal will not last long!!! So it’s imperative that clients act now!  To get started be sure to submit a quote or design your shirt online right here.


In order to provide service that best suits your artwork, two methods of printing are offered in Tampa, Florida. Traditional screen printing as well as digital screen printing is used for majority of products. Screen printing use a stencil usually called screen by printers, then this stencil is used to apply layers of ink on any flat printing surface. To apply different colors, different stencils are used. Only stencil can be used at a time and then these all stencils are combined to achieve the final look.

SUPER EFFECTIVE SERVICES: Screen printing is preferred when printing on dark shirts that demands high level of vibrancy, or it is used for printing on special products. Ink applied in screen printer is thicker than ink applied in digital printing, in this way bright colors are produced even on dark shirts. Process involved in screen printing is followingrapper t shirts

Screen printing is the process where garments are furnished with special inks to create on image on them. This image is permanent and is used to create images, words, styles on t-shirts . This method should begin with high quality artwork, as if you want o bake a delicious cake, ingredients should be extraordinary special.

Art should be in high resolution format, probably in 300 to 500 dpi or in an adaptable EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) format. If you don’t have your art in this kind of format, company can convert it for you.

Further, company assembles a virtual sample for you, in JPEG or PDF, by using the actual colors of garment you have selected. We usually advise you to select a light or dark color palette of shirts.

When virtual proof is approved the next process is to take your specific art and separate it into different parts using Adobe Photoshop. You can have printing on more than one color of t-shirt. This process is referred to as reunion t shirts tampa

Then company print! First a sample print to ensure that registration is alright. If everything is good company start printing your order and deliver it as soon as possible.

Screen printing companies

There are many companies providing custom t-shirts. They allow customer to go into their place and consult to professionals, and experienced staff about custom clothing and other demands. Stress-free online service is also available. All you need to do is choose the product you want the company to print for you, select an appropriate design, company can have your order completed when you need it.

  • Soft-hand screen printing

It is the most frequently used screen printing these days. The word hand means how the surface of print area is like. Water-based ink is too soft, but it can just print on light colors for quality acceptable visibility. Water-based ink is normally requested by eco-minded because as the name suggests that it is excellent for environment than other inks.

  • Large scale t-shirt screen printingmy t shirt kings

Larger scale t-shirt printing is now normal. Larger than normal screen printing is used to create a best unique t-shirt, but how larger is enough? Sometimes customers will demand a print that goes over the entire shirt, but with the use of the art, an outstanding impactful output can be obtained at a very low cost. This type of printing is also referred to as All-over printing (AOP).

  • Specialty printing

In old days, specialty printing was limited to some common inks such as high density, glow, puff and metallics. New inks for screen printing have emerged into market, and with the combination of these new inks we can create an effect you can never imagine. If you’re searching for some creative printing on your t-shirt, look for your printer as early as possible.

You must have gone through a critical occasion where you needed shirts ASAP. Same day printing service in Tampa, offered by different major companies can have your order ready really soon. They can provide you full color prints with different effects and shades you cannot imagine of in a very short time.reunion tee

No matter if you need shirts for a last minute occasion, or just in search if uniforms for new team members. With the help of same day printing service in Tampa Florida, you can get your order quicker than you think.

Many progressive companies in Tampa are offering quality t-shirts and other custom tees. They provide these tees for sports, family reunions, bands and many other t-shirts. Some well-known companies . and their reviews are listed below. Be sure to checkout our page on really cool christian t shirts – Great for fundraiser ideas!

  • Moxon print house: Many people prefer Moxon Print house over other screen printing companies . Their each and every shirt is hand-printed and represents good craftsmanship. Some of their client’s statement is “I will be again using Moron Print House”cheap t shirt printing for polo shirts in tampa
  • My shirt fund: My shirt fund is a great screen printing company in Tampa, FL. providing their customers the good service than other companies.
  • T-shirt diner: T-shirt diner is an efficient store nearby citrus park mall. You have a great chance to walk into their shop and ask anything you want on your t-shirt. Any logo, any words, any photo in any color.
  • Gorilla outfitters: Gorilla outfitters have now accomplished orders, and Ben and Keith have always been a pleasure to serve you. They always do excellent job, overall it’s a great shop. Be sure to visit our page for family reunion t shirt printing services listed here.
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