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Ask About Our Delivery Services

MyTShirtKings offers effective garment services for emergency situations. Our production line is often booked, so please contact us today. In some instances we are able to provide same day delivery. However it’s important to understand if your order is able to meet the production line. Please read below for a better outline on how to move forward with your job.


How To Submit Rush Orders?

All rush order request are to be submitted before noon est Monday-Sunday. If for some reason your job is submitted outside of this time frame, please call, as we may already have booked other request. We work on a first come, first served basis. We provide 24 hour services depending on order complexity.


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 Tech Based Logistics Centered Around Productivity 

So your looking for really good quality custom t-shirts in Tampa? is driven to provide clients with a seamless ordering process built around efficiency. We produce all apparel for via screen printing & direct to garments at our distribution facility In Florida. However most clients qualify for free expedited shipping throughout the USA.

We Are A Start-Up!

 We are a little different then your typical garment apparel company, simply because we are completely tech based. You can order online and get delivery to your doorstep by special request, not to mention cool text alerts once your package has been delivered to your designated location.

We enjoy working with start-ups that are looking to build nonentity by offering brands cheaper rates. So In essence, when your start-up grows, we will support you in your development process. Our focus is to help small businesses prosper. 

Do You Have A Minimum ?

If your looking for no minimum orders in a rush, call 813-330-0375 and one of our reps will be able to  help you. If you’re at a networking event, meeting or just in your everyday activity, your garments will be one of the first things your customer sees. Make a impact by having your logo, slogan or services on your Tee’s.

No Matter If  You Need 10 to 10,000 Units NO PROBLEM!

MTK understands that working with businesses in our community, we can help the ever growing Tampa Bay economy by supporting the “little guy” (mom and pop shops). Here at MyTShirtKings we prefer to build solid relationships with our customers by becoming a staple in our local community.


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Tech Based / T-Shirt Printing In Tampa Florida

The process of Screen printing is simply based on the amount of colors used in (CMYK) to produce the design. We do charge a setup fee, however prices are waived if you order more than 30 tee’s.

If your design has more than 6+ colors or more, the price increases based around each color addition in your design. If you’re looking for the most reliable and cost-effect way to find shirt printing in Tampa. If you want a custom design or picture on a tee, DTG is the optimum choice to make your order

Tampa T Shirt Kings

Direct To Garment (DTG) / NEED A PICTURE ON A TEE ?

DTG is one of the most common types of apparel printing methods for making personalized tee’s. However the process of direct to garment is priced much differently then traditional t-shirt screen printing, due to the amount of resources used in each print. When properly pricing DTG they’re are a few things to consider such as knowing the exact measurements of the design. Even though it’s a digital printing process, images should always be properly loaded into the machine to give a accurate quote. The best part about direct to garment, is that colors aren’t counted into the final cost of the work order.
DTG printing (Direct To Garment)

Does MyTShirtKings Provide Custom T Shirts Fast No Minimum ?

Our very minimum amount of garments we can print is 5. Our state-of-the-art technology can make photo images and designs with various colors. Please be sure to contact one of our agents for more we info. As we are now offering fast t-shirt printing on select orders.

Please be specific as possible about your order request so that we are able to accommodate, as not all orders are excepted. As restrictions apply due to shipping and production time availability. So please submit request before noon in some instances.

The use of a great tee is for the purpose of advertising and promoting any kind of product or service has always been extremely important. We have come to realize that clothes with graphics, logos and text are an extremely effective way to brand products and services. This is why the process is very important because the longest lasting methods will ensure that the clothes that are used are the ones that manage to get the results that are expected. 




For customers looking for 30 plus tee's we are offering free design mock-ups on every order. For small quantity orders fee free to place your design order using the order tab at the top of the page.  

Do You Support Fellow Local Small Businesses? It's in the MyTShirtKings company culture to support our fellow small businesses. That's why we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of some helpful resources to help your brand grow in Tampa Bay! Aide from a company of hipsters and techies. Checkout this amazing we complied on How To Start A Small Business In Tampa. It's a mission to see our city thrive, we have made it our mission to support local  communities various organizations. it's our passion to give back and help our great city of Tampa Bay Thrive.

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 How To Qualify For A Free Graphic Design Mock-Up?

MTK is highly driven to offer quality and creative design services at cheap rates. Please keep in mind that we charge a art fee to make a design mock-up. However for customers that are ordering 30+ tee’s we will create your design for FREE.

We only use professional graphic designers on your project. has been built on the cornerstone of putting our customers first. Many of our clients become repeat customers due to our simple business policy of focusing on people. We understand that the act of ordering in bulk can be a hassle if your new to the process. That’s why many of our customers tell us they value a service that can meet and exceed their expectations.

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Asking for help is always a good idea if you want to get some uniforms or shirts done, but you have no idea how the process goes or what kind of graphics or colors to use. Our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable about making custom clothing, so feel free to ask! one of out agents are standing by.
Finding the perfect business to get any kind of apparel production done is going to be very important. This allows you to start a long lasting business relationship for any kind of fulfillment you need completed. 
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embroidery in tampa bay florida

Do You Provide Embroidery Services on Polo’s & Dress Shirts?

Tampa embroidery has always been the preferred method to get logos and designs on garments because of the almost 3D feel that comes from the embroidery process. This is the main reason why we always consider that the most powerful way for people to get their printing done can be with the use of embroidery and if the process is done right, it will look outstanding.

Capture Your Brand look!

The polo shirt embroidery service is probably the most common as these are the most used types of shirt for companies. This is usually a very casual type of uniform to use. The polo shirt with a company logo is requested by business ventures both large and small. There is an undeniable amount of work that needs to be done for this to be worth their time.

There are many business owners out there who provide these services, but there are certain factors that should always be considered if you want to achieve optimal results. We believe that the most reliable way to do this is to start by knowing what kind of things are offered to you by these business ventures before you even purchase the printing services that you need.

Full Service In House Design

A good method to use when you hire this kind of service is to work with their designer and get mockups for the designs you need. They should be able to provide font and back mockups to show you the exact location of the design and the size that will be used on the clothing. This is a great way to get started and to benefit from this kind of service.

The perfect balance with any kind of printing job is to look for a business that charges a reasonable fee, but avoid going for the cheapest. This applies to everything of course, but the cheaper a service, the less likely you are going to be getting a product worth buying. Remember that a good service comes with experience and dedication, so it makes perfect sense that good services are charged with a reasonable cost, but not a cheap one.

Professional Business Wear & Corporate Apparel

Sublimation By Special Request Only 

custom t shirts tampa florida

We are extremely proud to announce the opening of our brand new facility. We aim to provide exceptional service by offering | t-shirt printing in Atlanta Georgia. We have a full staff ready to serve. We have upgraded our systems and are in the process of building a delivery system to service our customers promptly with text message notifications upon package delivery. If your looking for a reliable source or high grade garments be sure to reach out to our wonderful support team, we are ready to help you anytime. Please understand our custom reps require 1 business day to follow up for after hours or during high client velocity during peak business hours.

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