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So your looking for really good quality Tampa screen printing services? is driven to provide clients with a seamless ordering process built around efficiency. We produce low to large scale apparel for via screen printing at our distribution facility here in Tampa Bay Florida. 

However most clients qualify for free expedited shipping throughout the USA.

Do You Have A Minimum ?

  • If your looking for no minimum orders in a rush, call 813-330-0375 and one of our reps will be able to  help you. If you’re at a networking event, meeting or just in your everyday activity, your garments will be one of the first things your customer sees. Make a impact by having your logo, slogan or services on your Tee’s.
  • No Matter If  You Need 20 to 10,000 Units NO PROBLEM!
  • MTK understands that working with businesses in our community, we can help the ever growing Tampa Bay economy by supporting the “little guy” (mom and pop shops). Here at MyTShirtKings we prefer to build solid relationships with our customers by becoming a staple in our local community.

The Process of Screen Printing

  • The process of Screen printing is simply based on the amount of colors used in (CMYK) to produce the design. 
  • If your design has more than 6+ colors or more, the price increases based around each color addition in your design. If you’re looking for the most reliable and cost-effect way to find shirt printing in Tampa. If you want a custom design or picture on a tee, DTG is the optimum choice to make your order

 How To Qualify For A Free Graphic Design Mock-Up?

MTK is highly driven to offer quality and creative design services at cheap rates. Please keep in mind that we charge a art fee to make a design mock-up. However for customers that are ordering 30+ tee’s we will create your design for FREE.

We only use professional graphic designers on your project. has been built on the cornerstone of putting our customers first. Many of our clients become repeat customers due to our simple business policy of focusing on people. We understand that the act of ordering in bulk can be a hassle if your new to the process. That’s why many of our customers tell us they value a service that can meet and exceed their expectations.

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Asking for help is always a good idea if you want to get some uniforms or shirts done, but you have no idea how the process goes or what kind of graphics or colors to use. Our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable about making custom clothing, so feel free to ask! one of out agents are standing by.
Finding the perfect business to get any kind of apparel production done is going to be very important. This allows you to start a long lasting business relationship for any kind of fulfillment you need completed. 
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Best Direct To Garment “DTG” T-Shirt Printing Company In Tampa

Need A Picture On A Shirt?

DTG is one of the most common types of apparel printing methods for making personalized tee’s. However the process of direct to garment is priced much differently then traditional t-shirt screen printing, due to the amount of resources used in each print. When properly pricing DTG they’re are a few things to consider such as knowing the exact measurements of the design.

Even though it’s a digital printing process, images should always be properly loaded into the machine to give a accurate quote. The best part about direct to garment, is that colors aren’t counted into the final cost of the work order. 

More insight: into DTG Systems & Technology:

  • Direct to garment also known as DTG. It is the process in which the printer will apply the ink directly onto the shirt with the help of special inkjet technology. It would be as if the printing on paper. There is a special high-tech printer used for the proves that will print in the ink onto t-shirts in the design that you have selected. There are special water-based inks that are used in the Direct to Garment Custom T Shirt Printing. The ink will be absorbed into the fabric of the t-shirt to assure that your customer can wear it for a long time.
  • If you are planning to use DTG as your printing option, there are a few things that you need to consider.The DTG printers are developed with the latest technology. You will be able to get the prints with better details as compared to sublimation printing.
  1. With Direct to Garment Custom T Shirt Printing, there is no limitation of colors. You can select as many colors as you like.
  2. The printer can print any image that you want. It will give you the freedom to select any kind of images that you like for the shirts.
  3. It is a good option for the individuals who are on a tight budget but would like to have a huge batch of shirts printed and all should have different images. They can manage to order shirts separately and save some money.
  4. The quality results that you will get with the Direct to Garment Custom T Shirt Printing are amazing. You will not have to worry about any unsold items because customers will love the products you have in store for them.
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(Now Offering Custom Made Sublimated T-Shirts by Special Request)

Custom Sublimation T-Shirt Printing is one of the oldest and conventional techniques that have been used to print the t-shirt. The reason it is still so popular is that of the quality you will get at the most affordable rate. It is the process in which you will be pushing the ink using the stencil made of woven mesh into the fabric of the t-shirt. After that the ink will be pushed again over the mesh and using a squeegee or fill blade it will be pulled again. Once the blade is pulled the ink will be pushed through the fabric once again and you will get the print that you want on your piece of fabric.

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Things you need to know about Sublimation Custom T Shirt Printing

There are a few things you need to know before selecting Sublimation Custom T Shirt Printing as your printing technique.

  1. During the printing process, you can only use a single color. This is the reason that the number of colors you can use on the t-shirt will be limited.
  2. You will need more time to apply each new color to the shirt. You will have to use a new screen and stencil. It means that you will spend more money on adding more colors.
  3. It makes Sublimation Custom T Shirt Printing a better choice for the simple designs that need single color only.
  4. It is good if you are planning to make a lot of t-shirts with the same design for a customer who has to give it to his team.


Professional Business Wear & Corporate Apparel

Sublimation By Special Request Only 

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We are extremely proud to announce the opening of our brand new facility. We aim to provide t shirt printing in Atlanta GA. We have a full staff ready to serve. We have upgraded our systems and are in the process of building a delivery system to service our customers promptly with text message notifications upon package delivery. If your looking for a reliable source or high grade garments be sure to reach out to our wonderful support team, we are ready to help you anytime. Please understand our custom reps require 1 business day to follow up for after hours or during high client velocity during peak business hours.

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