Has Atlanta Officially Became Hollywood 2.0?

Is Atlanta Becoming The New Hollywood

If you watched any television shows or films as your nightly entertainment in 2017 the chances are it was filmed in HOTLANTA and not Hollywood! Films such as Anchorman 2 set in New York and The Hunger Games set globally all came from production in Atlanta. This actually is no new thing as many ‘big’ films have come out of Atlanta in the past such as Forrest Gump and Driving Miss Daisy. These prior films, however, were set in the South, unlike the newer ones.

Atlanta Has Some of The Best Film Locations

Is Atlanta Becoming The New Hollywood
One of the reasons Atlanta has become such a popular place in film production is its abundance of diverse locations that can look like anywhere. Mountains, forests, cities and beaches, Atlanta has it all. What it doesn’t have, however,  is the glitterati associated with filmmaking such as big stars, directors, and screenwriters. This isn’t an issue though as Atlanta boasts one of the busiest airports in the USA with 26 direct flights a day between itself and Los Angeles.

It should be remembered at this point that film production is a business and that it being so will dictate financial decisions. Hence another reason why Atlanta has become so popular with filmmakers, it is financially viable. We have also seen a dramatic increase in new film production companies looking for custom shirts in Atlanta.

Moving To Georgia Has Made It Cheaper On HollyWood

Atlanta offers huge tax incentives with 30% tax credit on qualified money spent. This allows studios such as CNN, HLN and The Cartoon Network to offset a significant production of their production costs.

Atlanta film production is also financially beneficial to employees of the industry with Atlanta having a low cost of living with a better standard of living attached. There are now over 25,000 Atlantans employed in film and tv production with another 30,000 who are indirectly related.
atlanta film production companies
It is not only employees of the television and film industry that benefit financially from the boom in Atlanta’s finances. Take the town of Senoia for example with its 4000 inhabitants. Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, it should as it is the hometown of the acclaimed series The Walking Dead!  Before it became famous as the home of the zombie, Senoia had just 6 storefronts, now it has 50.

These include the Woodbury Shoppe where you can buy souvenirs and the Walking Dead Coffee Shop. The series has transformed the town to the point where they have built another section that has already been pre-leased.

The Journey of The Atlanta Hawks

Film Production Companies Are Flocking To Georgia 

There are now over 1,957 production-related companies in Atlanta that have a direct spend of $2.02 billion. This means an economic impact of more than $7 billion which is up by $244 million over 9 years ago. According to the Motion Picture Association of America Atlanta is now ranked third in the USA with only California and New York above it.

No one can see this phenomenal rise for Atlanta abating anytime soon even though other states such as Kentucky have now also introduced big tax incentives in a hope to catch some of the financial gains themselves. Tyler Perry, the most successful African-American filmmaker in history says of Atlanta “Film is booming here. It is amazing the number of movies that are being shot here, and I’m just super excited about it on so many levels.”



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