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The Basic 5 Points To Consider 

When hiring a service for t shirt printing In Atlanta Ga, MTK is geared towards providing the best quality garments for all branding events. We put our clients first and look forwarding a long term relationship with all our customers. Through extensive research we have complied this list of helpful facts that our customers typically inquire about over the years.

1. Customer Support!

When we take on your job, we take it serious. We aren’t just some regular service offering the most basic custom tshirts Atlanta has to offer! We are apparel experts that focus on making our cliental happy! You deserve the very best! We offer various options of brands for those that are looking for a cheap option, or if you want top quality we have a massive inventory to meet all of your needs.

2. No Minimum

In most instances we don’t require any minimums, however if we have a heavy production line we won’t be able to permit the order. Usually that’s not the case, but we recommend that our clients have they’re orders submitted before noon to beat the rush. That way we are able to pull your shirts and rep your artwork so we are able faciliate your job. We work on a first come first serve basis.

3. Screen Printing

For the best possible job, we use only the richest quality plastisol inks for your designs. Our lovely full color prints are sure to please, utilizing the best brands such as gildan and bella canvas apparel for most of our orders. We also use brands such as anvil and ultra club and other such as: long sleeves, dry fit ,​ snap back hats, dress shirts, hoodies, uniforms, sweatshirts ,crew necks, jackets and permanence athletic wear for all occasions.

4. Direct To Garment

We only can use this method for actual images and heavy design focus areas. This service is better used for small quantity orders to keep expense down. However if your looking for nice looking branding merchandize this is hottest method for interesting long lasting garments.

5. Free Mock-Up Design

For a limited time, when you order 30+ tee’s we will provide you with a custom design mock-up with your image on a custom tee. Typically our design fee is $40 and includes the mock-up and high resolution printable photo shop files. However this price is waved when you order 30+ during our current promotion. If you would like to see examples of our work hop on over this page to get more information about having your very own t-shirt design made by us today!

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Screen Printing In Atlanta Georgia 

We offer a range of options to allow you to create the shirt that best meets your design vision and your budget. With free delivery as part of the deal you really can’t go wrong, why not browse the options available and start envisioning the perfect custom shirt for your next event. 

This is a very traditional method of creating custom clothing, and the roots of the method can be traced all the way back to ancient China. It involves layering up each color one at a time onto the shirt.

This method is quick and low cost and looks best if you pick a design with only a few colors in it. If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option then try to limit your print to one or two bold and contrasting colors. That way you can achieve the maximum impact for the most reasonable cost.

No Minimum

For bulk orders that you need quickly then this is the best option to choose. We understand that that having a solid cheap price and fast turnarounds are important to people and small businesses alike. We have built our business around focusing on our customers and their needs.

DTG (Direct to Garment)

This is a new method of creating custom t-shirts that involves printing directly onto the shirts. It is a simple process that takes a digital image and then prints it onto your garment. This method offers you a much higher quality image than can be achieved by screen printing. The downside is that it does take a lot longer to create, which means that the cost is higher. If you are looking for a small batch and you have a detailed image then DTG is the way to go, just be aware that it could take a little longer to get your order completed.

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Atlanta Embroidery Services

Embroidery is beyond making elaborate art design for house pieces. They have been used and are still used to monogram logos onto fabrics. From the logo of a royal house to the logo of a company or team, embroidery is widely used for a lot of purpose

This is often the choice for those who are looking for a high quality and long lasting custom item. Custom embroidery is done by machine so can be done in large batches. Cost wise it is the more expensive option, the exact price will depend very heavily on the size of the embroidered patch, so a smaller logo is a good choice, if you are concerned about budget.

This is the longest lasting and most durable to the rigors of repeated washing. It is a great choice if you have simple designs that don’t require either shading or very small detail, after all, you are limited by the thread and needles. The end result will look very professional and classy.

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Types of Embroidery

In the old days, embroidery was done by hand. The embroider, would use needles with colored threads or yarns to trace out patterns that have been drawn on the work surface. The work surface can be is usually a fabric. The inclusion of pearl beads in embroidery started in the medieval era also.

Sometime around the 1800s, the popular elaborate hand embroidery began to fade out. It was giving way to the counted cross- stitch. Soon after, machine embroidery began to make waves. Despite the dwindling of hand embroidery, bead infused embroidery picked up space. This necessitated the need for hand stitched embroidery.

Materials Used For Embroidery.

The type of fabric the embroidery work is done on depends on the region where the work is done. The fabric type varies from place to place. For centuries, wool linen, and silk are the most commonly used fabrics. The choice of thread is also dependent on the region. These days, threads and yarns are produced in cotton, rayon, novelty yarn, linen, wool, and silk.

The Embroidery Process.

In the old days, the process of embroidery was simple. The design was drawn on the work piece and the stitching begins. Different techniques were used to give different outcomes. The chain stitch and laid-work are the most economical techniques. Laid-work is used for gold work. Canvas work techniques, are used to create a more sturdy embroidery work. 

Free Digitization On Select Orders

The digitization of embroidery has opened up different possibilities for embroidery work. With digital embroidery, the art work is loaded on to the machine using a connected computer. Though it is a machine process, humans and are still very much involved.

The thread is arranged in sequence by the person in charge. They will also place the fabric in the correct position using the hoop. They feed the thread to the machine. After the embroidery is completed, the excess thread is trimmed away and the work is checked for errors before being packaged.

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When it comes to creative endeavors people love to show their fanaticism and t-shirts offer a great way to do that. If you can translate your music or cinematography into a graphic design then why not get it on a shirt to give your fans a way to share their love with the world. All orders are processed and delivered on first come first served basis at our distribution facility. Learn more about the amazing nightlife and entertainment here. Learn about amazing events that are happening near you! Here at MyTShirtKings, we aim to provide our clients with amazing resources and t-shirt printing in Atlanta GA.

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