My son is a sucker for branded clothing – granted he is only eleven and all his friends are dressed in the most expensive brands but I like my kids to remember that they are not a brand model and they don’t have to buy into overpriced merchandise just to be cool.  “Be an original” is my daily chant to both my children (yes, yes, I just pretend I don’t see the rolling of the eyes or hear the long sighs every time we shop.


As we home-school, I got to thinking about letting them learn about the art of branding and what better way to teach both entrepreneurship and branding than to let them find out how to design and print their own T Shirts.  Our findings were quite interesting and we never imagined there would be so many ways to print T Shirts and other clothing but also how many companies are actually prepared to do this for you at a reasonable cost.  Let me just mention here, that before researching these machines and how to set them up, I was tempted to try and do a screen print DIY but good sense prevailed when I realized how valuable actually having the expensive printers and the experience to use them is.

Different Methods To Make Custom T-Shirts Fast

There are quite a few different processes that can be used and they all have their pros and their cons e.g. plastisol heat transfer or vinyl is the least expensive to do but it takes a long time to set it up and you have to peel off the excess vinyl which is quite laborious. You also don’t have the option of multi-color designs as the vinyl will then have to be overlaid and more peeling will have to be done.

Heat Transfers

Vinyl heat transfer is great for printing bold numbers or logos in one colour (remember baseball jackets with American Football style numbering on the back and sides).  The old way (or at least the way I remember it) is screen printing, which is not a quick process and a screen printer takes up a lot of floor space but it’s a good production method for larger quantities and good quality prints that stay sharp for the life of the T Shirt.  It is not cost effective to screen print one or two T’s as the screen has to be made specifically for each design and the cost of doing this for one or two T Shirts is high.

In our research, we found that the two most cost effective options for small applications, delivering good quality prints and printing directly on to the garment were Direct To Garment Printing and T Shirt Transfer Printing.As the name implies, Direct to Garment printers print directly onto your choice of garment and the design then gets heat pressed onto the garment for a long lasting printed finish. T Shirt Transfer printing uses a printed transfer that is heat pressed onto the fabric.

How To Buy Custom Tee’s Online

With access to all of these machines, the options are endless and limited only by your imagination.  Using the right printer (and there are many to choose from), you can print 2, 4 or 8 shirts at a time and the quality is excellent.  There are many T Shirt Printing companies that offer the knowhow, the service and the price so that you don’t have to invest in any of these machines.  Pricing for a one off T Shirt would obviously be higher per T Shirt than a bulk run but it is still worth spending the money on your own designs.  Most of the T Shirt Printers that offer this service also have an in-house design department so for those of us who have the vision but not the know-how.

Finding A Solution Solution To Overnight Custom T-Shirts

These companies generally offer fast turnaround times (anything from same day to five days depending on your quantities) the T Shirt Printing companies that value quality and quantity will have a mix of the machines described above.  Every customer has a different specification, from shorter runs to mass produced prints, a good T Shirt Printing company will be able to accommodate everybody’s needs.

My son first drew up a design that he was happy with (we live near the beach so a surfboard and a wave featured on his design) and we used the T Shirt Printing company’s online T Shirt Designer (it offers a graphic of a white T Shirt that you customize by changing the color and then adding your own uploaded graphic to it.   Their software specifications are for a .png file to upload and it has to be a high resolution file because while lower resolutions are good for your computer screen, they will not work for a high quality printed graphic. 

The service we used is so simple, in that we designed the T Shirt with the chosen graphic and a new color choice and added it to the shopping cart.  They offer the option to print on the front or the back of the T Shirt (or on both sides).

In closing

The price we paid was for a one off print of the T Shirt and so higher per shirt than if we had done a larger quantity run.Just seeing my son’s excitement in creating his very own original design was worth more than what we paid for the T Shirt.  The turnaround time for our one shirt was two days (larger orders are given priority over one off prints).  Most companies do not charge a setup fee unless your design is extremely complex and they had no minimum order quantity either.

When the T Shirt arrived, we were thrilled with the quality of both the print and the fabric.  Now in the entrepreneurial spirt, we are ready to design a range of T Shirts, Caps and Hoodies for our soccer club. 

If you are looking for T Shirts or wearable merchandise for your next corporate event, church picnic, sport club merchandise, I would really recommend trying out the services of a Fast T Shirt Printing company.  Their knowledge and skill is worth the money and you will be thrilled to see your very own design (whether you did the graphic art yourself or they interpreted your idea into a graphic for you). another good video.

A look at the oft-unreal shipping speed of the internet’s largest retailer.

You go online to find a sweet new case for your phone.  Then you remember you needed a new water bottle too.  Shoot, might as well get some socks while you’re at it.  Inevitably, you end up at Amazon, where you can conveniently find all of these things (and of course, you end up getting a few more things because of that pesky suggestion box).  We all know how amazing Amazon’s selection is.  But what’s really mind-blowing, is how quickly they get your stuff to you.  Did you ever wonder how they were able to do it?  Well, look no further.

Establish World Dominance

This might sound a bit sinister, and there are some conspiracy theorists out there who believe this is Amazon and Google’s ultimate goal, but bear with us.  The true key to the lightning fast shipping speeds that Amazon achieves is through its worldwide distribution of fulfillment centers. 

These warehouses, which often are measured in the millions of square feet, are located in just about every major city in the civilized world.  Why does this matter?  Well, when a seller qualifies for Prime, that means that their products are not centrally located.  Instead they are spread throughout the world, with a portion of their stock in each warehouse.  So if I’m a seller in Michigan, and you live in, let’s say, Jupiter, Florida, you aren’t receiving my products straight from Michigan.  You’re actually getting them from the Amazon fulfillment center in Miami.

Instantly, your shipping drops from a couple of weeks to a couple of days, or less.  This incredible system has made shipping a real concern for smaller companies that can’t compete with Amazon’s fast, and often free, shipping.  However, for the average consumer, this innovative system has made shopping a much less painful experience. 

Post Alert - how can amazon ship so fast

The Symphony of the Amazon Fulfillment Center

While most of the work that goes toward making Amazon shipments so quick is done simply by location, there is another very important aspect to two-day shipping that we can’t forget.  And that is the sophisticated system within those worldwide fulfillment centers. 

If you’ve never seen a fulfillment center at work, do yourself a favor and check out this video.  It shows a day of typical operation in a warehouse.  The presence of robots is overwhelming.  In fact, the entire process of picking is done through Amazon’s computer system, which tells the robots where to go and what stack to pick.  They bring the appropriate stacks to actual employees, who then take what they need from them.  It makes for a speedy shuffle through the fulfillment center, and less time between the order placement and when the product gets on the truck consider – next day t shirt printing.

Order Now, Set the Timer

So there you have it.  The mystery of how Amazon ships so fast is revealed.  Whether the automation and worldwide spread of shipping centers scares you or not, you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive.  Imagine what Amazon Fulfillment Centers will look like 10 years from now, and how many of them there will be.  One thing is for sure: the shipping will always be fast by



You’re in Atlanta, and you’re not sure where you want to go, or which sights to see. You’ve heard that it’s a great place to visit, so you went without actually knowing what you wanted to do. That’s why down below we have the top 10 things to do in Atlanta, Georgia!

1. Atlanta History CenterAtlanta History Center

The Atlanta History center is the perfect place for someone who’s looking for both adventure and history in one place. According to their site, “The Atlanta History Center is located in one of Atlanta’s most vibrant communities where the stories and mysteries of our region thrive.”

While you’re there, you can see award-winning exhibits, gorgeous gardens, historic homes, and join in on interactive activities. You can join group tours, eat and rest at delicious cafes and restaurants, and shop for souvenirs.

They’re open every day, and tickets start at $9.00 and goup to $21.50.

2. Georgia AquariumGeorgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a special aquarium, as it’s, “a nonprofit committed to inspiring awareness and preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals worldwide.”

While you’re here, and helping out our friends in the sea, you can take tours and visit the various sea animals. Meet a penguin (face to face), swim with a beluga, play with a dolphin, interact with sea otters, and more!

The Georgia Aquarium is open every day. General admission tickets are 20% off on weekdays, and 10% off on weekends if you buy them online.

3. Atlanta Botanical GardenAtlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical garden is a beautiful place, and for anyone who loves nature and plants. While you’re here, visit all the popular gardens if you’re a connoisseur.

If you get lucky, you may catch the famous Imaginary Worlds, or any concerts the garden may be hosting. Check out the adult classes and kids programs, too.

Tickets are $21.95 for adults and $18.95 for children 3-13-years-old. They’re closed on Mondays, except for a few select ones, and their hours ( vary depending on the time of year.

4. World of Coca-ColaWorld of Coca-Cola

There are lots of things that you can do on your visit to The World of Coca-Cola. You can take a look at the Coca-Cola portrait walls, visit the pop culture gallery, or watch In Search of the Secret Formula in 4-D.

Take a tour to the Vault of the Secret Formula, the Coca-Cola store, or take a picture with the famous Coca-Cola Polar Bear. And of course, have a coke while you’re there!

The World of Coca Cola is open everyday, but hours may vary, so check them first if you’re planning on visiting. Tickets start at $13.00 for youth and end at $17.00 for adults.

5. Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park

The Stone Mountain Park is perfect for the family, or anyone who wants to channel their inner kid. There are an abundance of outdoor recreational activities. You can kayak, golf, hike, bike, and lots more.

If you need a place to stay, the park has an inn called the Park at the Stone Mountain Inn. Do this, and you’ll have more time to go to the Geyser Towers, the museum, or catch The Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision.

Stone Mountain Park is open every day from 10:00-5:00. Tickets depend on what you want to do!

6. High Museum of Art

High Museum of Art

“The High Museum of Art is the Southeast’s leading art museum and home to a renowned collection of historical and contemporary art, special exhibitions, and celebrated architecture by Richard Meier and Renzo Piano.”

This museum is closed on Mondays, but is open the rest of the week. They open at 10:00 am every day except Sundays (they open at noon), and close at 5:00 PM every day except on Friday (they close at 9.) Tickets are $14.50 to anyone 6 and over.

7. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park

This incredible park is something you don’t want to miss. It’s a chance to remember one of the most influential men in the world. Here you can see the BEHOLD Monument, the “I Have a Dream” World Peace Garden, Kings’ birth home, and the King Center.

You can also visit Dr. and Mrs. King’s tomb, the freedom hall, and Fire Station No. 6.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park is open every day from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. Your have to register to see the birth home, but besides that, admission and parking are free.

8. Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta

At Zoo Atlanta, you can see elephants, the African lion, the Angolan Columbus monkey, and more. You can catch some fun events like Fantasic Flights, Giant Otter Feeding, Wonder of Wildlife: Animal Show, and more.

Tickets for the zoo are $25.99 for anyone 12-years-old and over at the gate, and $16.99 for 3-11-year-olds. They’re open every day from 9:30 AM-4:30 PM on weekdays, and 9:30 AM-5:30 PM on weekends.

9. Fox TheatreFox Theatre

The Fox Theatre hosts many events and concerts. Since you’re in the area, you can check out the schedule to see if there’s anything interesting that you may want to see. You can get tickets to Hamilton if you’re there from May 22-June 10, 2018.

The building has a beautiful and fantastical design and has hosted legends. This is one type of building that you have to see at some point in your life.

Ticket prices depend on the event, but you can catch events like “A Conversation with President Bill Clinton,” “Pod Save America,” or Brit Floyd as a part of their Eclipse World Tour 2018.

10. Six Flags White WaterSix Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water is a fun water park with an activity pool, Black River Falls, Bermuda Triangle, Dragon’s tail, and more famous rides. This is the perfect place for pure fun that just about anyone can enjoy.

This park is opened every day from 10:30 AM-7:00 PM. Tickets are $46.99, and children under 48” are $41.99.

Things to consider when planning your trip!

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As the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and the weather gradually warms up, people throughout the US are looking toward Florida as a vacation destination and many of them are flocking toward Tampa Bay. This northern Florida hot spot is an ideal place to let your hair down and have a great time. Tampa Bay offers an opportunity to have a little fun in the sun, but that is far from all that Tampa Bay has to offer. There are three things in Tampa Bay that should be on everyone’s list of ways to get the most out of this fantastic city.


  1. Tampa Museum of Art


The Tampa Museum of Art is as diverse as the city it lives in. The Tampa Museum of Art houses one of the most extensive Greek and Roman antiques collections in the area. It also is home to an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. Whether you are looking to infuse a little education into your travel or you simply want to stand in awe and experience something beautiful the Tampa Museum of Art is a must visit location in Tampa Bay.

  1. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


A trip to Tampa Bay would not be complete without a visit to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This Tampa Bay theme park is well known for its wild and exciting roller coasters and their dramatic drops. This location is a thrill seekers heaven but there is more to Busch Gardens then it’s thrilling rides. Busch Gardens also is home to an array of wildlife experiences and a variety of live entertainment. Everything from family friendly stage shows to wildlife ride along is available at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Thrills and adventure abound at this Tampa Bay attraction. Busch Gardens is sure to be a hit on any vacation.


3. The Tampa Theatre

The Tampa Theatre is a lavish community landmark. Built in 1926, this theatre has a story to tell. It has gone through a slew of changes and has not ever folded under the challenges it has faced throughout its long history. This theatre is rumored to be haunted and you can hear all about the details on the tours that the Tampa Theatre provides. The Tampa Theatre still hosts events and puts on shows that are engaging and timely. Whether you are just interested in the history of the theatre or you would like to see a show, Tampa Theatre will not disappoint you.

Tampa Bay is a beautiful location for any getaway, not only because of where it is, but because of how much fun there is to be had at Tampa Bay attractions. There are a variety of ways to have an unforgettable experience in this Florida community. Whether you are seeking the thrill of a new roller coaster, a chilling ghost story or an enriching cultural experience, Tampa Bay will not disappoint. There’s something for everyone in Tampa Bay. Visit these three amazing locations on your next trip!

We have spent the last few years providing custom shirts for family reunions and day events among friends needing custom t-shirts. We made it out mission to try to help!


When you first start printing your t-shirts, the first decision to make is printing method. There are all kinds of different ways to plaster your design onto fabric. Methods include heat-transfer, sublimation, screen printing, direct-to-garment, and many others. This article explains the differences in screen printing vs. direct-to-garment (DTG). These are the two most common methods used.

Screen Printing

The oldest method of printing uses plastisol, which is the industry standard. It can also use water-based (acrylic) inks, which are softer. The way it works is a squeegee forces the ink through a mesh stencil and onto the fabric. The process takes a lot of time! Although the machine needs manual labor to operate it, it is bulletproof! Any breakdowns that do occur are rare and are difficult to troubleshoot. Most of these machines are well-setup without anticipating problems so we explained – how to screen print on custom t-shirts.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

Direct-to-Garment, or DTG for short, is a more modern method. It is much faster, and there’s no setup. It is like printing onto paper and operates in much the same way as an inkjet printer. With acrylic ink, the machine shoots the ink through the nozzles as it squirts into the fabric. The device hooks up to a computer, and when you are ready, you click “print” to start! Despite its simple operation, it is a very complicated machine. Money out of your pocket follows any breakdowns. Repairs learn how does direct to garment printing work.

Simple Designs

Screen printing is a much more viable option if you would like to have special effects on your t-shirts. Inks that puff-up, glow in the dark ink, and reflect light are options. Glossy, matte, metallic, glittering, and shimmering ink work as well. One drawback, though, is you can only use simple designs. You are also limited to about 1 or 2 colors.

Complex Designs

DTG offers much more variety when it comes to designs. Because of the way it prints, you can go crazy with your plans, and even apply photographs to your t-shirts! Unlike screen printing, DTG prints are smooth and feel more natural to wear.

Mass Production

Screen printing is the choice if you need your t-shirts mass produced. There are no charges on volume per ink used, but there are more significant upfront costs. Also, when it comes to design, you will often need to convert the artwork to a vector format and separate the colors when screen printing tampa.

Short Batches

DTG prints price at milliliter of ink used per print. Larger ink volume designs will cost more than smaller plans that cover less area. There are no screen printing set-up costs, however. This fact makes them great for one-offs. You also don’t always have to convert to vectored designs before printing.

Which Method is Best?

Upon deciding between screen printing vs. direct-to-garment (DGT), ask yourself the following questions. Do you need your t-shirts mass produced? Do you need a few? Are your designs simple or complex? Do your prints need to last a long time or are you expecting them to fade after a while? Designs printed with DGT will begin to fade after about 10 or more washes. Screen printed designs will last for years. Which approach is the best? Well, that all depends on the quantity you need, the design itself, and the longevity screen printing tshirts near me.


How Does Screen Printing Work

One of the best, most effective ways to create your own personalized products is screen printing. Screen printing is a process that has been around in some fashion since the year 960 AD. It allows artists and designers to place their artwork and designs adhere to just about any material. It can be something as simple as a monochromatic logo or a multitude of colors. Your options are truly only limited by your imagination.

The Step By Step Process

The first step for the Tampa screen printing kings process is making a design. Remember, there are few limits to what you can design, but to be honest, simpler designs usually make a better statement, so be careful not to overdo it. Once your design is complete, it is printed in black at the desired size onto a clear acetate called kodatrace.

A thin mesh—mostly like polyester—is stretched tightly over a wooden or metal frame. These screensare coated with photo sensitive emulsion that prevents ink from seeping through where it is not wanted. For each color in your design, you will need a separate screen.

The kodatrace is placed onto a device similar to a light box, while the screens—one for each color—are placed on top of that. It is then exposed to light for a predetermined period of time.

After light exposure is complete, the emulsion is washed away leaving only your design on the screens. Once the screen is dried, it is again coated with emulsion and re-exposed. This is done to solidify the emulsion.

Great Read :


The Technique


how does screen printing workDepending on the size of the project, screen printing can be done by hand or automatically using a carousel. A basic carousel might have room for up to four screens at a time, while more advanced ones have eight. A four-arm carousel prints up to four colors at one time, while an eight-arm version can do up to eight.

Each arm of the carousel has a different part of the design and the ink required for that of the design. When the product to be printed on reaches each screen, the screen lowers and the colored ink is press through the mesh placing the design on the product.

After the product’s design is printed completely, it is placed into a large dryer, essentially baking the design into the product.

The product is then checked for quality. Once approved it is shipped to or picked up by the customer.

Finally, screens are then stripped completely of emulsion and prepared for a brand-new design.

We cover contract screen printing for small business looking for cheaper prices online and individuals looking for a reliable source for custom t-shirts.

Tips For A Successful Design

It bears repeating that simple artwork makes for a more successful design. One-color designs that can be placed on slightly different areas of the product without losing its flair are best.

Paying attention to detail is important, but you never want to overdo it. Your message can get lost if you worry too much about small insignificant details. Keeping it simple is a sure way to a classic design at least that’s been the experience custom screen printing.

Anyone can send a package from one side of the country to the other, that’s easy. The problem is the last mile. To get packages to consumers, ASAP, you need huge warehouses close to wherever your customers happen to be (everywhere). You need the logistical firepower to get these packages to consumers wherever they live, even if they live on the moon you need to be able to get there. There are simply no excuses.

How Does Amazon Deliver Same Day or 24/7 ?

To achieve zero delivery time, you’ve got to go even further than the moon. Customers must have access to books, movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the sun dies, or the internet runs out.

Amazon have a vast array of distribution centers, wagons, and now, airplanes that’s right, airplanes. This is so they can process any unexpected rush during busy periods.As well as having very big distribution hubs colloquially known as fulfillment centers. Construction firms sub contracted by the company have built over 50 depots that cater only to their Prime customers. These ‘prime fulfillment centers are based in urban metropolises and can get the product to you in under an hour, that is fast!

One such a hub nestles deep inside a large tower inManhattan and boasts over 50 feet of floor space. Inside, employees colloquially known as “pickers” pick the products by hand.

But how do they know which products to stock their warehouse with? Well it’s simple. They have high-tech algorithms taken from web searches and fulfillment centers. These algorithms order the stock automatically. We also provide overnight custom t shirts no minimum and even drop shipping!

How Does Amazon Ship So Cheaply?

The largest fulfillment centers are based many miles from city centers, but their comparatively small prime-only in New York, Paris and London mean that they can deliver products to many of their Prime customers in under an hour.With this amazing service there has never been a greater time to be a prime-consumer, not such a great time to be a prime-product-picker though. But hey, this is America.

In the distant past Amazon relied mostly on FedEx and UPS and a network of freelance independent couriers to transport goods from its warehouses to the customers doorsteps.But as demand grew, this level of sub-contracting was no longer feasible as products would often arrive late or damaged or sometimes wouldn’t arrive at all.

Share holder data tells us that between 2010 and 2014, the company spent more on shipping than what it made in revenue, which spelled disaster for the e-commerce giant.

To cut down on shipping costs and keep everything in house. Amazon has been moving the shipping process ‘in house’. Amazon now boasts an entire fleet of planes that fly Prime products all over the world. They even have private runways with adjacent warehouses for ‘special’ deliveries.

This might seem like a lot of effort, but it means that their delivery system can still run smoothly during peak times such as the holiday season. Last Christmas Amazon got up to 8 times more orders than the whole year combined. We also provide fast shirt printing services just as quick as amazon in some instances!