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When it comes to wholesale screen printing it’s essential to hire a company that truly understands your brand. Here at MyTShirtKings, we are more that just your standard wholesale t-shirt printing company. We specialize in creating promotional items that will help launch your small business to the next level. We aim to ensure our prices are cheap and highly affordable and look to meet all budgets. Once you place a order with us, we store your company name and will issue you discounts to help catapult your brand profits going forward. Most of our clients have said that having a reliable company that issues them discounts and doesn’t lower the shirt printing quality is vital. If your looking for a brand that will stand by your business during these economic times, then consider hiring the best online. Learn more about

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Get T-Shirts in Bulk Screen Printing & DTG

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We currently provide services to many small vendors looking to gain competitive edge with fulfilment services and more. Depending on your order complexity, we may be able to produce and ship your order. When considering a service to handle mass production, it’s essential to understand that we require 7 business days to produce your order. If for some reason your order requires fast service, it would be wise to contact one of service reps so they can get your order processed promptly. We work on a first come, first serve basis, and it’s very important to clearly have your order details ironed out, For instance we have found that many of our clients require graphic design before we actually start the rigerious production process.

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If your in the market for next day t-shirt printing be sure to reach contact one our sales reps for more detail info.

Bulk Direct To Garment Custom T-Shirts

So, it’s time. You’re ready to start your business, launch your rec sports team, or show that your club is a unified entity. What’s the best way to show that? Custom t-shirts! But where do you get t-shirts made for 10, 100, or even 1,000 people? Luckily for you, there are custom design websites who’s only job is to make sure you guys look great! Choose from one of these 5 makers to get quality, quick, affordable service.

We offer special Pricing For Small Business

MyTShirtKings wants to make sure you know what their number one priority is: Two week free shipping. If you’re really in a hurry, express shipping can get you your items in a single week. Wholesales catalog features a large number of products. They have sweatshirts, short-sleeve t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, performance shirts, hats, business shirts, and much more. Each item has an indication of if it’s low price, medium price, or high price before you select it. The website also has a full catalog of templates to use, just in case you aren’t quite sure what you want yet.

MTK has low prices, free shipping, and free designing. Their simple user interface allows any creator to jump right in to designing. The choices are endless, from lower prices on naming and numbering if you do them together, to the clipart that you can choose from. MTK can delivers your completed project with eight-fourteen day shipping. The prices are a bit high, but they pay off and get lower based on how many different items you order.

The Best Quality Custom Tee’s

They offer unlimited colors that you can get for any order  and a much larger selection for orders of six or more shirts. The t-shirt designer is easy to use, with options for text, uploading designs, and choices from numbering, colors, and more. If you don’t have a clear starting idea, they have lots of basic designs to build off of while you figure out exactly what you need. On top of that, the Custom Ink all-inclusive pricing means their quote includes the cost of shipping your order.

Discount mugs (as the name suggests) doesn’t specialize in t-shirts. In fact, it has a customization option for all kinds of objects, from mugs (obviously) to outdoor chairs (seriously). Included in this wide array of products are t-shirts, dress shirts, polo’s, hoodies, and hats. Some of these items are available at a discount as low as two dollars. Discount mugs has the ability to accept art designs, use clipart, or design text to meet all your needs.

To finish off this list is a name that people know and trust: Sometimes it’s nerve wracking to trust a company that you don’t know anything about. Most famous for their business cards, companies can also makes signs, cards, invitations, and t-shirts! Everything is backed up by the Vista Print guarantee. This option is a bit pricier than some of the other options, but sometimes peace of mind is worth a couple extra dollars.


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Ask About Or Graphic Design Services

It’s our goal and company mindset, to provide the highest quality wholesale screen printing services for small businesses online. MyTShirtkings was built to focus on making the nicest graphic designs available. We have a team of titian graphic design artist, that can take on any job. We work exclusively with our in-house designers to make the most visual catching artwork using photo shop . For our clients that need help with capturing the true look and feel of your concepts, we are here to help shape the most highly illustrated artwork available. Checkout this amazing mytshirtkings brand.

From talking with our many clients around the globe

Our many amazing clients have taught us 3 things that have stuck out, they value the most.

  1. Custom support: We have a team of amazing customer support agents that are ready to help your brand expand. They understand all the complicated aspects of making the perfect tee. We can make you a custom made mock-up of your design to be showcase to the world.
  2. Turnaround time: The ETA of your shipment is vital. We require 7-14 business days to complete bulk t- shirt printing orders. Our turnaround time can fluctuate, depending on the order complexity.
  3. Shipping: In some instances mytshirtkings can provide super cheap shipping on select orders.

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