Custom Plastisol Heat Transfers For Screen Printing Tee Shirts!

Plastisol heat transfers are much different from any other kind of transfer. You may know the term “plastisol” from other pages on this site. This is because plastisol ink is which is applied to openly screen print numerous types of garments. The plastisol method is generally a screen print on a unique transfer paper that will permit the screen print to be warm pressed onto a garment at a later point in time. Screen printed plastisol are used for many reasons. Get a quote now!

Sometimes the transfers are used to fill orders where the real standard of shirts required is directly linked to sales. Printing two hundred on paper transfers is affordable than making the real two hundred shirts. That way if just one hundred and forty eight sell, you are not stuck with a bench of costly waste or “discounted” shirts. This is a remarkable option for point of sale situations such as seasonal items or special events.


Many people use this technique for producing baseball caps as well. A baseball cap can be hard to screen print. The bill often poses an issue as well as curved surface of the print place. Coverage or distortion loss is general. In this case it makes sense to print the transfers and the press them to the caps. That way all printing problems are removed. Caps are simple to press than to print.

No Minimum Required For Our Custom Heat Press Sheets!

The self wedding custom heat transfers types will be remarkable for customizing item of clothing for sale. But finally you will have to test this type of transfer paper and view if it will hold up to your own standards for product standard. With inkjet heat transfers, these have a propensity to be weakest in durability, longevity, and standard. Anyway, there may be an item out there that will do well for your application. Find out more about our custom t shirts tampa fl 

The latest technologies in heat moves have made them the choices of many little begin up garments printers or embellishes. Many of the issues meet in the past usage of heat move materials have been solved. Today it is more likely that the issues with the heat transfers can be get rid off by the right application of the transfer itself. Self wedding processes for both dark and light garments gathered with more strong transfers are making them even perfect. Self wedding custom heat transfers paper has 2 part pressing method in which gum is only present where toner has been fall down on the paper. Learn more about our family reunion shirts here.