When you first start printing your t-shirts, the first decision to make is the printing method. There are all kinds of different ways to plaster your design onto fabric. Methods include heat-transfer, sublimation, screen printing, direct-to-garment, and many others. This article explains the differences in screen printing vs. dtg printing. These are the two most common methods used.

Screen Printing

The oldest method of screen printing uses plastisol, which is the industry standard. It can also use water-based (acrylic) inks, which are softer. The way it works is a squeegee forces the ink through a mesh stencil and onto the fabric. The process takes a lot of time! Although the machine needs manual labor to operate it, it is bulletproof! Any breakdowns that do occur are rare and are difficult to troubleshoot. Most of these machines are well-setup without anticipating problems.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

This company DTG custom t-shirts near me is good company for DTG near me for short is a more modern method. It is much faster, and there’s no setup. It is like printing onto paper and operates in much the same way as an inkjet printer. With acrylic ink, the machine shoots the ink through the nozzles as it squirts into the fabric. That’s why having a really good dtg t-shirt printing company is essential for your brand’s quality.

Simple Designs

Screen printing is a much more viable option if you would like to have special effects on tampa t shirts. Inks that puff-up, glow in the dark ink, and reflect light are options. Glossy, matte, metallic, glittering, and shimmering ink work as well. One drawback, though, is you can only use simple designs. You are also limited to about 1 or 2 colors.

Complex Designs

DTG offers much more variety when it comes to designs. Because of the way it prints, you can go crazy with your plans, and even apply photographs to your t-shirts! Unlike screen printing, consider direct to garment printing atlanta for lovely prints.

Mass Production

Screen printing is the choice if you need your t-shirts mass produced. There are no charges on volume per ink used, but there are more significant upfront costs. Also, when it comes to design, you will often need to convert the artwork to a vector format and separate the colors when mytshirtkings.

Short Batches

DTG prints price at milliliter of ink used per print. Larger ink volume designs will cost more than smaller plans that cover less area. There are no screen printing set-up costs, however. This fact makes them great for one-offs. You also don’t always have to convert to vectored designs before printing.

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