Everything You Need To Know About Fast T Shirt Printing

My son is a sucker for branded clothing – granted he is only eleven and all his friends are dressed in the most expensive brands but I like my kids to remember that they are not a brand model and they don’t have to buy into overpriced merchandise just to be cool.? “Be an original” is my daily chant to both my children (yes, yes, I just pretend I don’t see the rolling of the eyes or hear the long sighs every time we shop.

As we home-school, I got to thinking about letting them learn about the art of branding and what better way to teach both entrepreneurship and branding than to let them find out how to design and print their own T Shirts.? Our findings were quite interesting and we never imagined there would be so many ways to print T Shirts and other clothing but also how many companies are actually prepared to do this for you at a reasonable cost.? Let me just mention here, that before researching these machines and how to set them up, I was tempted to try and do a screen print DIY but good sense prevailed when I realized how valuable actually having the expensive printers and the experience to use them is.

Different Methods To Make Custom T-Shirts Fast

There are quite a few different processes that can be used and they all have their pros and their cons e.g. plastisol heat transfer or vinyl is the least expensive to do but it takes a long time to set it up and you have to peel off the excess vinyl which is quite laborious. You also don’t have the option of multi-color designs as the vinyl will then have to be overlaid and more peeling will have to be done.

Heat Transfers

Vinyl heat transfer is great for printing bold numbers or logos in one colour (remember baseball jackets with American Football style numbering on the back and sides).? The old way (or at least the way I remember it) is screen printing, which is not a quick process and a screen printer takes up a lot of floor space but it’s a good production method for larger quantities and good quality prints that stay sharp for the life of the T Shirt.? It is not cost effective to screen print one or two T’s as the screen has to be made specifically for each design and the cost of doing this for one or two T Shirts is high.

In our research, we found that the two most cost effective options for small applications, delivering good quality prints and printing directly on to the garment were Direct To Garment Printing and T Shirt Transfer Printing.As the name implies, Direct to Garment printers print directly onto your choice of garment and the design then gets heat pressed onto the garment for a long lasting printed finish. T Shirt Transfer printing uses a printed transfer that is heat pressed onto the fabric.

How To Buy Custom Tee’s Online

With access to all of these machines, the options are endless and limited only by your imagination.? Using the right printer (and there are many to choose from), you can print 2, 4 or 8 shirts at a time and the quality is excellent.? There are many T Shirt Printing companies that offer the knowhow, the service and the price so that you don’t have to invest in any of these machines.? Pricing for a one off T Shirt would obviously be higher per T Shirt than a bulk run but it is still worth spending the money on your own designs.? Most of the T Shirt Printers that offer this service also have an in-house design department so for those of us who have the vision but not the know-how.

Finding A Solution Solution

These companies generally offer fast turnaround times (anything from same day to five days depending on your quantities) the T Shirt Printing companies that value quality and quantity will have a mix of the machines described above.? Every customer has a different specification, from shorter runs to mass produced prints, a good T Shirt Printing company will be able to accommodate everybody’s needs.

My son first drew up a design that he was happy with (we live near the beach so a surfboard and a wave featured on his design) and we used the T Shirt Printing company’s online T Shirt Designer (it offers a graphic of a white T Shirt that you customize by changing the color and then adding your own uploaded graphic to it. ? Their software specifications are for a .png file to upload and it has to be a high resolution file because while lower resolutions are good for your computer screen, they will not work for a high quality printed graphic.?

The service we used is so simple, in that we designed the T Shirt with the chosen graphic and a new color choice and added it to the shopping cart.? They offer the option to print on the front or the back of the T Shirt (or on both sides).

In closing

The price we paid was for a one off print of the T Shirt and so higher per shirt than if we had done a larger quantity run.Just seeing my son’s excitement in creating his very own original design was worth more than what we paid for the T Shirt.? The turnaround time for our one shirt was two days (larger orders are given priority over one off prints).? Most companies do not charge a setup fee unless your design is extremely complex and they had no minimum order quantity either.

If you are looking for T Shirts or wearable merchandise for your next corporate event, church picnic, sport club merchandise, I would really recommend trying out the services of a Fast T Shirt Printing company.? Their knowledge and skill is worth the money and you will be thrilled to see your very own design (whether you did the graphic art yourself or they interpreted your idea into a graphic for you). another good video.

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