How Blast Beat And Indie T-Shirts Are On The Rise

blast beat
blast beat
How Blast Beat And Indie T-Shirts Are On The Rise 3

One of the most important factors for aspiring artist is growing a solid fan base. That’s why BlastBeat rap Instrumental store have bridge the gap for urban artist that lack proper music production.

It is with great honor to mention, that MyTShirtKings have partnered with blast beat to provide it’s talent pool with the option to not only buy rap beats online, but to also be given the chance to sell custom t-shirts to it’s developing fanbases.

This can prove critical for musicians that lack that lack capitol to properly develop fanbases. Over the last two decades blastbeat has worked to nature young talent around the world to find their space in the music industry

BlastBeat has built a coalition of dozens of world class music recording artist that are highly talented to produce urban music styles such as trap music, rap music, hip hop and even r&b music.

This partnership will allow thousands of independent local rappers and singers around the country to create custom t-shirts and various merchandise that could be then sold by the musician and the entire packaging, shipping and printing process handled by mytshirtkings.


Mixing And Mastering Services

Blast beat now offers world class mixing services. The brand mentions they have a brand new beat catalog that’s sure to impress. Also all tracks have under went mastering as well. Learn the difference between mixing and mastering.

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