How Does Direct To Garment Work?

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direct to garment printerThe Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printer is a product that has been developed due to a noticeable need in the art and textile industry. Previous to its development, patterned clothing had to be made of patterned material, logos were stitched on or emblazoned into the fabric itself with the aid of an old-time screen press… more specifically; artist’s prints had to be ‘ironed on’ to tote bags, t-shirts, and fabrics. Not only was this method unreliable but it often resulted in a shoddy end product, leaving the artist out of pocket and with a damaged reputation.

Digital Printing with DTG

Finding reliable service forĀ DTG printing near me can be a challenge. It is a highly modified inkjet printer that operates like any other machine of its kind except that the t-shirt or tote bag is fed through the printer in place of paper. The specialized ink then soaks into the fibers and stains it permanently. Using this technology an artist only has to provide the ink and the bags, and they can print their design (forever) onto whatever they want to. With this new technology, the days of screen printing onto fabric are gone, and we are left with looking for a good dog printer. The end result is smoother, has less distortion and lasts just as long, but is more accessible to regular artists and is not as exclusive and expensive as the old method was.


Since the development of DTG printers back in 1996, there have been many advancements that have streamlined the process. However, it offers instant ROI for those who wish to start a business online or get into textile printing. It is also much more affordable to the average Joe than it used to be. In modern times if an artist wanted to expand their business and retain their original paintings they might be able to invest in one of these and make money selling printed copies on fabric. Be sure to consider us when in need of direct to garment printing Atlanta.

Great Photo Quality From DTG

As it stands at the moment, the majority of artists will send their designs off to independent printers. To really have a properly positive impact on the art community these printers will have to come down in price. The difference to the creative will be tremendous, opening new revenue streams to them as they can expand from canvas to cushion covers, from greetings cards to uniquely designed shirts… the possibilities are endless and are not so far away into the future.

In this modern-day and age technology is influencing everything from our homes to our businesses, the way we communicate to the way we sleep at night nothing is safe from digital transformation… And that technological shift also applies to the artwork. Specifically to how it is produced.

A direct-to-garment printer offers new and exciting ways for creatives to express themselves and ought to help artists everywhere to make a living in doing what they love. At the end of the day, there isn’t much not to like about that. MTK uses DTG to overnight t-shirts to our customers, so stop wondering how to find personalized t-shirt printing near me.

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