How Much Does Screen Printing Cost?

How Much Does Screen Printing Cost?

The cost of your screen printing order is affected by several variables. Understandably, a great number of questions regarding this matter get asked. Your money is hard-earned and you want the best work you can get for its exchange. The following article provides information on the most common factors that tilt prices one way or the other.

What Fabrics Work Best With Screen Printing?

Let?s talk colors

Typically, a screen printer will want to know two things when it comes to color:  What color is the fabric to be printed on, and what color/colors is the client looking to have printed.

The most cost-efficient fabric for printing is white?which, let?s face it, is probably why we see so many white T-shirts used as canvases for other designs. The darker a fabric gets, the more it usually costs to print on. So if you really want that image on a black shirt?or red or dark blue?chances are the price is going to run a little higher.

Logically speaking, if a client?s chosen image involves a lot of colors, the cost is going to increase. A part of screen printing is pressing each color onto the fabric independently. That means the printer has to manually separate them before they?re pressed. More colors mean more ink and more time.

How big is your order?

The information in this section may surprise you. When it comes to t shirt screen printing atlanta will actually lower the price they charge per shirt as your order goes up. That?s because once a the stencil, screen, and colors are set for one image, there is no need to repeat the process. Everything is complete and ready to go. Large screen print orders not only save the client money, but the company as well.

The fabric

The most economical fabric in screen printing is almost always cotton. Cotton contains bleeding and absorbs ink, which makes the job go more smoothly. Not only that, it?s comfortable to wear. These reasons give clients a good argument for cotton.

And how about the image?

It?s generally not a good idea to select a complex image that?s rife with different colors as a screen printing project. As we mentioned above, each color will require separation, and images that look busy or intricate can be difficult to create stencils for. Another pitfall to be wary of is simply pulling a picture off the internet and asking a screen printer to put it on a shirt. Such images are often of low resolution. When enlarged for a shirt, they come out blurry. With that said, a good screen printer can make complex images work, but at the expense of a little more time and, yes, money too. Find out more about custom t shirt printing near me.

Shown above are just a few of the things that impact the cost of a client?s screen printing order. The artist one chooses to do the work can answer many more questions. Screen printing costs are flexible, and as with many other services, it?s always best to shop around for the right mix of professional skill at a reasonable cost.

How Much Detail Can Screen Printing Capture?

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