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Merch For Musicians In Tampa

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The UnderGround Hip Hop Scene In Tampa

The underground the music scene in tampa has dramatically grown into a movement. The bay area is known for it’s history, amazing culture and sports team. However on the underground bands, rappers, singers alike have took it upon themselves to shape the sound of the city. The important part is to nurture the development of this rising collective is to build audiences.  MyTShirtKings is proud to announce, we are offering affordable – screen printing Tampa T-Shirts Kings can deliver.


Live Performances @ Crowbar

It‘s 2am on a Saturday and one of my friends is playing a concert in Ybor City in Tampa at a club called Crowbar. I usually don’t get out much considering I’m a new dad of a infant. I told my myself why not checkout what Tampa Bay has to offer musically? The first thing I notice being at the venue was the lack of promotional material in the room. Now I imagined with a well groomed line up of local performers, would at least be selling your brand merchandise with custom t-shirts.

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How Artist Can Grow With Merchandise my t shirt kings

I will say the back to back performances kept me engage even during intermissions. I can say genuinely say that I’ve became a fan of two of the 6 artist that graced the stage. 

The downside…… is I have nothing to purchase to support them, such as a cd or band t-shirts that represents the movement. I find it surprising that so many recording artist today never reach their true potential because they never sell their t shirts online.

That simple aspects keep so many artist constrained from adequately promoting their music. I think this occurs because artist are so caught up in the actual process of being creative, that they forget the business aspect all together. 

Grow Your Fanbase Online & Increase Your Listeners

I believe that consumers want to be able to relate and share brands that encompass a lifestyle identical to their own. Thus when you limit your reach you in turn limit your finances which will be required to properly expand your fanbase.

In order to be a successful artist these days you have to be able to connect and offer quality gear to your followers! Does your band or rap group already have a logo or design in mind? Upload it on our website and we’ll print it out for you.


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