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MyTShirtKings provides word class t shirt printing Atlanta GA deserves. We specialize in custom screen printed t-shirts and direct to garment printing services.


Want A Free Mockup Design?

When you order order 30+ custom shirts, snag free shipping and free artwork on each and every order. If your a regular customer of ours, enjoy amazing discounts for your long term business.

DTG - Direct To Garment Printing Atlanta

DTG is a relatively new garment printing technology that is similar to inkjet paper printing. Essentially, the ink is sprayed directly onto the fabric. The fabric absorbs the ink and a heat drying process bonds the ink into the fabric.

This is a very durable method that holds the colors and picture clarity longer than iron-on applications. Being bonded into the fabric, the image does not crack or fade. It is best suited to applications with a lot of different colors or shades. Being based on inkjet technology, Our direct to garment printing services can print up to 16 million colors in a single pass. This has a huge time-saving benefit.

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More Colors Increase the Price

Screen Printing consists of 1-9 colors. However the more colors you add into your design it changes the pricing.

Highly Rigorous Post Production

The process of creating custom t-shirts can be rigorous for the inexperienced. However here at MyTShirtKings we have a combined 30 years experienced in creating custom apparel for Americas top brands.

Innovative Screen Printing & DTG Printing Online?
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Burn The Image

Once your high quality print ready artwork has been provided. Your custom support agent sends your custom order to our art department for a final inspection. Utilize our free t shirt maker tool for graphic design onlne.

Totally Custom Screen Printing Services

My T-shirt Kings uses screen printing technology as well as Direct to Garment (DTG). The two technologies differ in their suitability for a particular client’s requirements. Let’s look at these technologies and what factors you should take into consideration when choosing your print method.

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When to Use Screen Printing for Garment Decoration

Apparel & Custom T Shirts Atlanta Loves

T-shirts have long been a very popular corporate identity and marketing item. More so than most other corporate marketing gifts. A key difference is that t-shirts are worn in public. Keyrings, coffee mugs, and golf tees are more personal and don’t have anywhere near the same exposure as t-shirts.

Although based in Atlanta, GA, My T-shirt Kings is the go-to place for your t-shirt printing requirements across the entire US. 



Expert Atlanta T-Shirt Printing Services with DTG & Screen Printing

Rush order request must be submitted before noon est Monday-Sunday. If for some reason your job is presented outside of this time frame, please call, as we may already have booked another request. Please allow 24 hours for our custom service dept will contact regarding your order specifications. For more information on having your images on your garments consider dtg printing and all of our quality .

Screen printing technology has been around for a long, long time. It is a more complex process that takes a lot longer. It is, however, more economical for larger print volumes and can accommodate more vivid images and color effects.

Points to consider:

  • Fabric. Screen printing works by layering colors onto the fabric. The more porous natural fabrics absorb the ink better. Cotton, silk, and wool are all good for screen printing; synthetics less so. 
  • Detail. Screen printing entails layering each color individually onto the garment. It’s therefore not ideal for images with lots of different colors.
  • Set-up time. Separate screens are made up for each color. This requires an investment of time and effort that affects the unit cost of the printed garments. It also limits the number of colors or shade variations that can practically be used.
  • Choice of ink type. Different types of ink are suitable for different applications and different fabric types. The base color of the fabric is also an important factor. Darker color fabrics may need to be stripped of their color to accept a lighter print color.  

DTG is one of the newest methods of t-shirt printing. In this method, the ink is put into the fabric of the shirt, as it gets printed. It’s similar to the way that ink is applied to paper after it gets sent through a printer. In this process, the fabric will first need to be soaked. This ensures that it is ready to absorb the colors. Once it’s been printed, the shirt will be dried out. Like screen printing, there are a few pros and cons associated with using DTG technology to create custom t shirt printing near me.

This process has been gaining in popularity in the industry recently. This is because it offers a range of benefits. First, it is better at handling designs that incorporate multiple colors. This can allow you to make more complex designs, without needing to pay high prices. You will also be able to achieve clearer high-resolution images. 

Also, in most cases, you won’t need to have a minimum order size. This is perfect for companies that want to do smaller runs, to find which design most resonates with their audience. It can also help you manage your inventory levels, allowing you to order only when you are experiencing demand for the product. Also, this method might be better for the environment, as it is less resource-intensive than the screen printing process.

However, there are a few potential issues for you to consider. First, the printing process might be slower, especially if there are multiple colors that need to be rendered  In addition, this might not work on all materials. Often, to get the best results, you will need to use a shirt that contains at least 80 percent cotton. Also, in some cases, the design might not be as vibrant on the shirt. Finally, it might be more expensive if you want to place a large order. As we aim to provide affordable pricing for DTG and Screen printing Atlanta residents can appreciate.

Apart from choosing the best printing option for your needs, we pride ourselves on several other quality factors:

  • Free design service. On orders of 30 or more shirts, we will provide the artwork free of charge. This will save you at least $50; maybe more. This offer applies to every order. So, if you want to tweak a design, it will be free again if your order is for at least 30 shirts.
  • Experience. Collectively we have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We can advise on suitable fabrics, ink types, colors, and any other factors that will affect the quality and price of your shirts.
  • Quality control. All of our orders go through a rigorous quality control process. No print run is started until the artwork has been approved by our graphic design team. Even if you provide print-ready image files, we will still check to ensure that the end product will conform to your expectations.  
  • Nationwide delivery. Wherever you are in the United States, we can get your order to you. 
  • Urgent orders. We can accommodate urgent orders under certain circumstances. Generally, if you need an expedited order, you need to place it before midday EST. This is subject to existing urgent orders already queued for production. For urgent orders out of hours, please call to inquire. 

Whether it’s one shirt that you need, or a thousand, whether you’re in Atlanta or surrounding areas, My T-Shirt Kings have your back. Whether you have a finished design or you’re setting out from scratch, My T-Shirt Kings will get it down as perfectly as you imagined it.

We’re available online. All you need to do is mail us the image you need to be printed and leave the rest to us. Our design team will work with your file to ensure that the resolution is optimized and also advise on the choice of technology, ink, and design changes that might be needed to ensure that you get the best value for money. 

Whatever your needs, look no further. Distance is not a boundary. Wherever you are in the US, we’re here to serve you. With pride.

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