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T-Shirt Screen Printing on Long Sleeve Apparel

screen printing long sleeve shirts

During the winter, we’ve found that many of our clients purchase custom screen printing on long sleeves with a nice print on the front. So in celebration of our customers looking for nice comfortable garments with a custom t-shirt design. Having nice long sleeve shirts can provide vital for small business and brands. During the winter time we have found that our customer particularly in the local service business require chest pocket screen printing. This is usually in conjunction with having a full back print of 1 color. We are now offering long sleeve screen printing on all winter time apparel.

Does MyTShirtKings Screen Print On Winter Apparel?

Our goal here at mytshirtkings is to ensure our clients get the highest quality apparel that truly represents their small business. For all orders of winter apparel, will be subject to special promotions only by requesting additional information from one of our customer service reps at our Atlanta office. We are currently offering screen printing for only 100% cotton tees.

Brands We Use:

We do not except outside garments as we are focusing only on wholesale screen printing, using our trusted garment vendors Bella Canvas, Next Level & Gildan. However for the best possible screen print, we recommend our highest quality garment which is “Bella Canvas”. Bella garments retain a more variable quality after many wash cycles. So when using water base and oil base inks for screen printing absorption this brand’s ring ring content stand the test of time.

No Harmful Chemicals:

Another reason we use less harmful inks that are safe for encouragement, is to push the industry towards inks that are not created using animals during testing. www.mytshirtkings.com is committed to providing a environmentally friendly product. For more information on MyTShirtKings contact us today! We are here to help your brand succeed in 2019!!.

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