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For very nice custom t shirts near u is here to help you! We use only the best garments using the richest inks for screen printing & direct to garment services. We utilize the top equipment to make the best graphic designs to suit your needs. Our staff is committed to providing department store apparel DTG. We currently offer 3 styles of garments Gildan, Next Level and Bella Canvas!

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For a limited time we are offering our customers the opportunity to get a free shirt designs on 30+ shirts! If you already have a design we will credit your order with a discounted rate. This special promotion will last for the entire year of 2018 and will continue into Jan 2019. is equip to handle all needs of our clients.

We Use Brands Like : BellaCanvas by special request only!

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Everything you ever needed to know about custom T-shirt printing!

When it comes to fashion there are a whole lot of people out there who are simply uninterested in keeping up with the Jones’s. It isn’t because the latest trends don’t catch their eye, it isn’t because there is anything physically abnormal about them… It’s because they simply don’t want to look like everyone else. The people want to be individual, they want to stand out, they want to feel like they matter! And clothing is a huge part of that identity.

This new generation of young adults don’t want to advertise labels for other people, they want to create labels for themselves. They want to wear things that they are comfortable in, yet that make them look good. They want something different, something that they feel represents them – the days of wearing a brand name splattered across the centre of your chest are, in fact, drawing to a close. It seems that the future lies in the individuality of fashion, and not the monotony of it.

It ought to be a sad day but it’s not! This slow death of the standard T-shirt has been long and lingering. It started in the sixties with tie-dye, continued into the seventies with colour blocking, wavered a little in the nineties when tracksuits became popular and then finally materialised as the plain white T of the early noughties. What now? Custom T-shirt printing, that’s what.

No longer will girls be made fun of for having a band name across their chest that they know nothing about. They don’t need to… they can create their own graphic design, take it to a t-shirt printing company and have it screen printed to their own specifications. Twenty-something year old girls everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that their clothes are unique, interesting and that they make a great talking point whenever they need an ice breaker.

So how does it work?

Well, it all starts with your ideas. You choose the design either through drawing it yourself, using graphic design techniques, you can create a pattern or just rely on the old favorite (a picture of your dog) – anything you like. These shirts have been popularized on social media platforms by newly weds, hen parties and flash dancers alike. In some cases you can simply describe what you want on your shirt to the graphic designer and they will make it up for you.

Next, the company will provide you with a mock-up. A mock-up is simply a dummy of the real thing. It might be a fake shirt made out of paper, or perhaps a hand drawn sketch on a cocktail napkin, but more often than not the designer will show you a picture on the computer that you need to approve before the t-shirt goes through the screen printing process for good. Usually this will be as realistic as possible, so expect 3D graphics and accurate representation.

Pro Tip: always check your mock-up with great attention to detail. Once this design is agreed upon it will print on all of the shirts you have ordered – whether that number be 1 or 1,000. Making a mistake at this point is going to be costly, so double-check everything and make sure you are happy with it!

After you have settled on the final design and the mock-up meets with your approval, the garment will be chosen. Most t-shirt printers will supply shirts for you, but not all of them will let you supply shirts from outside sources, so check out the firm you choose before you commit to buy. Most companies will be able to provide you with a vast array of plain and coloured shirts which they attain at bulk costs. An honest company will pass some of this saving on to you, therefore leaving their prices reasonable.

The graphic design is uploaded and the direct-to-garment (or DTG) printing process is employed. Direct-to-garment simply means that the t-shirt is fed into the printer and the design you have chosen is printed straight onto the clothing, meaning that you skip any lengthy waiting times for your shirts to be produced. It is a fairly new form of printing that accurately represents the way technology is touching upon every aspect of our lives.

In the screen printing process, thick layers of ink will be applied until the design you require is built. The ink is not designed to soak into the shirt, but rather to attach to the surface. This is a quick process that can be repeated as many times as you need it to be once the design is fixed, making screen printing excellent for producing large numbers of shirts at a time.

And when would you need a large number of t-shirts?

People need large amounts of t-shirts for various reasons. You may be organising a Stag or Hen night, for example, and you would like everyone to have their own special commemorative t-shirt. Perhaps you run a club and require a uniform look? People who are encouraging team spirit in group activities might want shirts printed, or people who are trying to promote their business or enterprise. Thousands of t-shirts are given out at festivals by new bands seeking a following – or you may just want one interesting shirt for yourself to stand out from the crowd a little.

There are literally thousands of reasons why someone might want to have a large number of t-shirts printed at a time – and they are mostly always interesting. Organising a flash dance? Want to get the name of your event everywhere? Want all your employees in the same shirt? Then you need a t-shirt printer.

So next time you are looking at your wardrobe in dismay, want some uniformity in your life or simply want to create something beautiful – consider having it printed for yourself instead of picking it from a store hanger? Now that you know all about terms like DTG and Screen Printing, there is no need for you to shy away from the process.

Who knows? Maybe t-shirt printing is just the beginning. The technological world is only going to improve and, as it does, so will its influence in the realms of fashion.


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                                 No Minimum / No Setup Fee ?

Most local shops set minimum orders on simple jobs simply because of the amount of resources it takes to produce each shirt. For instance comapanies will set a minimum amount of shirts they will receive on each order.

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However here at MyTShirtKings our minimum order is 10 Tee’s. That’s right if you only need a few shirts we are able to help yo in jam. Please be advised that we only offer no setup fee if you have print ready artwork and meet certain order requirements, please contact customer support if you have further questions.

Usually this number starts at 36 shirts. So if your looking for a lesser quantity they wouldn’t be able to help you. Even if it’s a 1 color screen printing job. This can in turn make things really difficult if your looking to get some orders completed.

At the bottom of this page you will find our quote form, please enter in all required information so that we can provide you with a near rapid response!

Our agents are standing by and will gladly help you make your tee’s stand out. We are a team of 10 highly trained apparel experts. Our shop is open 7 days a week / 24 hours a day. We also offer rush order service upon special request. Usually customers are told to give us at-least a hour notice before the job is presented to our staff.

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Learn more about our screen printing services throughout Tampa Bay Area. We now also function out of Atlanta Georgia Metro Area..