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Anime Hoodies

Printing on Anime Hoodies don?t have to be hard. When planning to add hoodies to your apparel brand, a good place to start is thinking the feel and texture you want to go for. We recommend heading to a mall or department store and checking out hoodies from your favorite brands. Take note of the softness, the cuffs, and waistband. Once you have an idea of what you?re going for, shopping for the right hoodie from these top contenders will be a breeze.

Best Brands to Print Anime Hoodies

We made a list of the top brands we think are perfect to print any type of hoodie you can imagine from your favorite sports team or your favorite Anime Hoodie.

American Apparel

American Apparel is one of the top garment suppliers in the US and around the world. They have tons of garment cuts and looks that make designing an apparel line easier than you can imagine. Our favorite hoodie from them is their California Fleece Pullover Hoodie this bad boy is soft to the touch and made with 100% cotton. If you?re looking to print on something that feels like a high-quality garment, American Apparel?s hoodies are right for you.

Bella Canvas

Bella Canvas is American Apparel?s rival making as many, even more, dare we say, versatile garments as American Apparel. What we love about Bella Canvas is their appeal to streetwear. The cut and sew of the garments are just what millennial fashion enthusiasts are looking for. Our go-to hoodie with them is the Sponge Fleece Pullover Hoodie it?s made with a combination of ring-spun cotton and poly-fleece. This is another soft to the touch hoodie that?s sold at an affordable price.

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Next Level

Next Level is one of the more popular go to?s for fashion printing and apparel. What we?ve noticed about Next Level is their garments last longest after multiple wash. They pre-shrink their garments before shipping them out so you can toss these garments in the dryer with no problem. Our favorite hoodie from them is the PCH Pullover Hoodie. This hoodie is also a blend of cotton and poly-fleece. It has a tear-away tag which is convenient for both apparel designer and consumer. If you want to white label your garments, you can tear-away the tab and add your own label or the consumer can tear the tag off if they prefer to have tag-free garments.


Anvil is neck-and-neck with Gildan. They have tons of traditional and modern garments you can use to print virtually anything for your apparel brand. Our favorite hoodie from them is the Adult Pullover Hooded Fleece. It is made with 75% and 25% fleece, giving it a feel that is hard to tell from 100% cotton. Anvil is usually available in local markets, compared to the earlier ones mentioned. Anvil is also known for their sustainable practices. They are conscious about the energy they use and have systems in place to properly recycle, reuse and dispose of the water used for manufacturing.


Most people, consumer, and new business owners have heard of Gildan. They are one of the largest and well-known garment suppliers and manufacturers. If you?re unsure of where to start, Gildan is a great place to plan what type of garments you?d like for your hoodies. Our go-to hoodie from them is the Gildan Men’s, Hooded Sweatshirt. This is a half poly, half cotton blend that has a subtle softness. They have a thicker waistband and cuffs than the other brands we mentioned. Gildan is also a brand that is available in local markets. You can find most of these garments on-hand at your local t-shirt or apparel warehouse.

When printing hoodies you have to make sure to use the right material, choose the perfect softness and pick a garment that will last. We hope this list has made it a little easier. For more information on Anime Hoodies.

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