Anime character wearing hoodie

Anime character wearing hoodie

Do you love Anime? Like really love Anime? Then you?ve found the right place. Fashion is all about expressing who you are. If you love anime, then anime hoodie Supply is for you. Anime Hoodies are comfortable, soft to the touch, look brand new after multiple washes, and look stylish. Below we?ve listed our favorite hoodies in this Anime Hoodie collection. If you have any ideas or designs we should add to our supply, let us know in the comments.

100% Cotton Anime Hoodie

Our 100% Cotton Anime Hoodie found here, is the softest hoodie you?ll own. We?ve searched near and far for premium cotton garments to print our favorite anime characters on. Our cotton is ethically harvested from small, family-owned farms. It is then treated with all-organic products and dyes. It?s essential for us to use quality materials for our Anime Hoodies. The quality of our products stands the test of time and multiple washes when cared for carefully. We?ll go into the care of our product in the next section.

anime character wearing hoodieEasy Care Instructions

Anime Hoodies are easy to care for making it ideal for any fashion enthusiast. Unlike most hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, our products are made to last. We use vibrant inks and dyes, so they last wash after wash. To keep your Anime Hoodie top notch, we suggest removing it inside-out with like colors. For example, wash white hoodies with other white garments or garments that have light colors.

Avoid washing your hoodie with jeans or dark new clothes, such as black tees or colored blue tees. You?ll also want to make sure you don?t have garments in the wash that are not the same color as your hoodie. This may cause the discoloring of your hoodie in the wash. You?ll also want to wash your anime hoodie with cold water or on a cold/cold cycle.

This will ensure your print stays as sharp as it did on day one. We strongly suggest you air dry your Anime Hoodie. Dryers dry at varying temperatures which can alter the size or fade out the print of your hoodie. Merely hanging your Anime Hoodie on a hanger or draping it over a shower rod for 24 hours will ensure your hoodie is dry and ready for wear. These simple care instructions will keep the life of your hoodie over many years.

Simple Online Checkout

Shopping for an Anime Hoodie couldn?t be more comfortable with our online store. We?ve sorted our collections in 4 categories: hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets. We made sure to make the process as simple as possible so that you can shop and checkout in literal minutes. You start by picking your product, selecting your size, adding to cart and hit the checkout. We accept PayPal, Debit, or Credit cards through our payment processing system. Once you?ve made a purchase, you are registered as an Anime Hoodie Supply favorite which will make your shopping process even faster the next time around.

Fast Shipping

Our mission is to get your Anime Hoodie to you fast. We process your order in 3-4 days and ship it within 2-3 business days if you live in the contingent US. We offer fast shipping for areas outside of the contingent US for reasonable prices. Be on the lookout for our Anime Hoodie Supply mailer. Inside you?ll find a few cool freebies and a card to thank you for being an awesome Anime Hoodie Supply favorite.

Having an Anime Hoodie makes too much sense. It?s easy to get one, it?s easy to care for, and you?ll stand out anywhere you go. If you want to see what we offer, check us out online.


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