Why is Sublimation Printing Preferable to Other Types of Printing

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Sublimation printing can offer many potential benefits when compared to more traditional t-shirt printing methods.

For example, with sublimation printing, you can print a design anywhere on a shirt (or even on the entire shirt). This is a notable improvement over other printing methods, where sometimes your workable area on the shirt is limited (this is especially true with screen-printing, where you can only print on the front or back of the shirt and even then only within a certain area).

That being said, sometimes elaborate wraparound designs can be a little more complex and difficult to accomplish, but even so sublimation printing is the best choice when it comes to creating high quality t-shirt designs.

Additionally, sublimation printing ( as we briefly mentioned earlier) is a great choice if you want to create t-shirts with designs that will last for a long time.

Because the sublimation printing process uses both heat and pressure to impart the designs into the t-shirts, the designs will last much longer than designs printed using other methods (designs that are crated using screen printing, for example, will eventually begin to fade or flake off after enough time has passed).

Sublimation printing is also a popular printing method for the versatility it offers. With mytshirtkings you can print virtually any design at all; whether it?s landscape imagery, patterns, or photographic imagery, sublimation printing will allow you to transfer these images to the fabric of your shirts and render them in stunningly high quality.

Sublimation printing is also very useful for if you want to print a background color or background image behind your primary t-shirt design; this allows you to create a more dynamic shirt than if you were forced to use other substandard printing methods.

Finally, the most notable difference between sublimation printing and other printing methods is the quality. Sublimation printing offers far superior quality when compared to other t-shirt printing methods; not only do designs created using sublimation printing last longer, but the overall design and image quality if

also significantly higher thanks to the cutting edge technology that is used during the printing process.

Unlike other printing methods which (as mentioned earlier) impart color onto fabric thorough the use of carefully spaced dots, sublimation printing instead permeates the ink into the fabric, allowing for better image quality as well as color consistency.

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